Evil Eye Adjustable Leather Bracelet
Evil Eye Adjustable Leather Bracelet
Evil Eye Adjustable Leather Bracelet
Evil Eye Adjustable Leather Bracelet

Evil Eye Adjustable Leather Bracelet

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Tabla de tallas de pulseras para hombre

Las medidas a continuación son una referencia para ajustarse cómodamente con un espacio de 1 PULGADA.

Algunas de nuestras pulseras vienen con uno o más extensores extraíbles para opciones de tamaño flexibles (EX: 7,5+1 PULGADA)

Tamaño real de muñeca Talla de pulsera Italgem

  1. Envuelva una cinta métrica flexible o una tira de papel alrededor de su muñeca y marque el punto donde se unen los dos extremos.
  2. Luego mida la distancia entre las dos marcas para encontrar la circunferencia interior.

Color RED
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Expertly crafted, this EVIL EYE ADJUSTABLE LEATHER BRACELET offers both style and protection. Made with high-quality materials, the adjustable design provides a comfortable fit for any wrist. The evil eye symbol is known for warding off negativity and bringing good luck, making this bracelet a meaningful addition to any outfit.


Width - 6mm



Renowned for its timeless appeal, leather is a classic material that brings an element of sophistication and warmth to your accessories. Leather is celebrated for its durability and the way it gracefully ages, developing a unique patina over time that adds character to each piece. Its natural flexibility and comfort make leather accessories perfect for daily wear, conforming to your body while maintaining their shape and integrity.

Care Information

How to Care for Your Leather

While Leather is incredibly long-lasting, there are steps you can consider to maximize its life and condition.

It's always ideal to keep your jewelry in a soft case while not in use, and to avoid any harsh chemicals.

You can clean leather when necessary with a damp cloth and gentle soap, but it is important that you avoid prolonged exposure or soaking in water.

Leather is sensitive to water so its best to avoid wearing it in the shower or to the beach.

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