14k Gold with 6mm Freshwater Pearls Franco Chain 4.6mm

14k Gold with 6mm Freshwater Pearls Franco Chain 4.6mm

Precio habitual $225.00
Precio habitual Precio de oferta $225.00
Carta del tamaño

Tabla de tallas de cadenas para hombre

Estos tamaños hacen referencia al ajuste para el hombre promedio de 5.8 'de altura.



Descansa sobre la clavícula 18 PULGADAS
Descansa debajo de la clavícula 20 PULGADAS
Descansa en la parte superior del pecho 22 PULGADAS
Descansa medio pecho 24 PULGADAS
Descansa la parte inferior del pecho 26 PULGADAS
Descansa debajo del pecho inferior 28 PULGADAS

Color GOLD
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This 4.6MM STAINLESS STEEL CURB WITH 4.5MM FRESHWATER PEARLS necklace is coated from long lasting 14K gold ion plating to ensure its durability and shine. The fine freshwater pearls add an elegant touch to any look, perfect for making a lasting impression.



Stainless Steel

The timeless allure of stainless steel is driven by its immense strength and imperviousness to tarnishing, rust, and corrosion. It is fully waterproof and sweatproof, guaranteeing that it will never tarnish or fade. Its versatility also means you can dress it up or wear it casually to complement any outfit on any occasion.

Freshwater Pearls

Our Freshwater Pearls are celebrated for their natural beauty and timeless elegance. These pearls are carefully cultivated in freshwater lakes and rivers, resulting in unique shapes and lustrous surfaces. Each pearl undergoes meticulous selection to ensure superior quality, characterized by their radiant sheen and subtle iridescence. Ideal for creating refined and sophisticated jewelry, Freshwater Pearls add a touch of classic charm to any design.

Care Information

How to Care for Your Jewelry

While both Stainless Steel and these Freshwater Pearls are incredibly long-lasting, there are steps you can consider to maximize their life and condition.

Its always best to keep your jewelry in a soft case while not in use, and to avoid any harsh chemicals.

You can clean them with warm water and gentle soap along with gentle scrubbing to keep your jewelry looking mint.

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